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If you’re a US Expat and wondering what your IRS tax filing obligation is in the US, then you’ve come to the right place.  Douglas Spence, CPA, CA, can help you answer the important questions you have.

Did you know that if you are a US Citizen living abroad you are required to file a US Tax Return with the IRS?

Did You know that if you are a Canadian Citizen that owns a US rental property, you are required to file a US rental property return?

We can help file your US Tax Return

We prepare the following documents:

  • US Individual Resident and Non-Resident Tax Returns
  • US Individual Returns for Rental Properties
  • Corporation Federal and State Tax Returns
  • FBAR reports

Amnesty Filing for US Citizens Who are living abroad and are not Residents of the US

This service is offered to US citizens living abroad who may not have known they are subject to these tax filing requirements and wish to return to compliance.  The US wants all citizens to file a tax return regardless of residency.  Oakville Chartered Accountant can help you with Amnesty Filing and get you back in compliance.  In addition, the IRS also requires an FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Reporting) form which advises the IRS of your foreign bank accounts and investments.  To return to compliance you must file a return for the last 3 years and an FBAR for the last 6 years.  Contact us today for a consultation.